Don’t hold back

I recently had a revelation.  I realized I was keeping my love to myself .  I have lots of love in my heart, but I frequently would hold back especially to friends and family.  It’s no wonder, I was feeling a bit unloved.  It’s a strange paradox, if I hold back, I experience lack!  Yes, I sort of rhymed there.   Ain’t no crime to tell a rhyme!!  What I’ve realized is that the very thing I am lacking is what I am holding on to.   And not only that, but I wasn’t giving it to myself.  I spent many years in therapy trying to heal of childhood abuse and wounds. I experienced lots of empathy and compassion, but it didn’t help me to heal until I started showing compassion for myself.    I also had caring friends, but I didn’t feel their warmth and love, until I extended it to myself.    Yes, I’m saying, I needed to love myself, but I also needed to learn to give it away.  The flow of life is the giving and receiving, receiving and giving.  It gets blocked and stuck, and we experience lack when we don’t allow this natural flow.  What do you need right now?   Think about it, and see if there is stagnation somewhere.  Have faith in the natural flow of life!  There’s a scripture which says “it’s better to give than to receive.”  I also like to give out of the abundance of what I’ve been given.    There’s no reason for me to think I need to hang on to what I have as if I’m going to run out because it never does, it just seems like it because I’m not allowing the flow.  My wisdom today is to plant seeds of love or whatever I want to see grow in my life, starting right here in my heart.      Plant those seeds, you will receive a harvest!  Also, don’t forget to love yourself!


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