In the last few weeks, my son turned 18 years old, my daughter blessed me with a second grand-daughter, and I planned with my husband across the country away from my new little babe!  We’ve spent long hours planning this trip, on the road, trying to sleep, and enjoy myself.   Life is just frustrating at times!  I miss the kiddos back home, but we did Skype once.  There’s also the unreliable GPS, and at times nonexistent internet connection! Such a trip!  Prior to the internet, there were other frustrations like maybe we had the wrong map or we had no idea how far it was to the next town for a potty stop.  Times have changed drastically!

Even more so are my personal changes.  We all change at some point, for better or worse.  Some of us are moving forward, others are stagnant, and still others are going backwards.   That’s why it’s important to be flexible, go with the flow, take a breath, relax and keep your head up.  Don’t let these little nuances get you down!   Also, if take advantage of the precious moments, you never know what could happen just around the bend.  Here’s a really hard one I’ve had to learn, don’t stay stuck with the same information!  We get inundated with new information all of the time and sometimes it’s because an application gets updated, or new details are added!  It’s easy to get frustrated and say, “but I thought….”  It’s simply time to go with the flow and adjust your sails for the new information or I can ignore it, too, especially if it’s irrelevant!    That’s where your intuition needs to kick in.   Do you trust yourself to make the right choice? Be flexible to be wise!


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