Being Love

I spent so many years wishing to be loved and accepted but feeling rejected. I had this inferiority complex and felt dejected all of the time. I had many reasons for it. I didn’t have a strong sense of self and frequently didn’t speak up for myself.  I had preferences but I thought I needed to do and be anything and everything for everyone else in order to be liked and loved. In the end, I was very lonely and hated myself.

Today I give myself love and acceptance. I speak up with what I want or what I like. I do little things for myself which for a long time I wished someone else would do. I be the friend to me I wish I had. I be the love I crave. I give myself time alone when I need it and when I want to be with others I go out and do that, too. I recognize my sensitivity. I don’t like a lot of drama. I like quiet. I can do noise but I can only stand so much if it’s not a noise I enjoy! I don’t plan to grow thick skinned either. I’m also an Army Veteran so I am tough enough.

It’s been a wonderful wake up call, getting to know myself and loving all that I am. I am all for love and acceptance now, starting with myself. It is a basic human need, and to love others, I need to fill my own cup first. I shine brightest when I’m my authentic self, not seeking the approval of others. If I’m down, feeling lonely, neglected and unloved, I remind myself I came from love. I surround myself with positive people who celebrate my uniqueness and awesomeness. Also, those who are aware of their own amazing self. I want to live in a world where we accept and love each other for no reason. I shine my light no matter what. I love myself. I am love.


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