Meditation Magic!

The holidays are upon us! For some it can mean heaven or hell! Whether I spend time with family or alone, I know there is one thing I can do to put my mind and self at ease. Yes, it’s meditation and it’s magical! Sometimes I’m anxious for no reason or something has triggered me and I need to retreat. Rather than letting myself spiral down, or go into negative thinking, I will take a miniature time out. Close my eyes, take some deep breaths and perhaps chant some words like “peace”, “harmony”, “love and light”! It really works for me. It helps me to stay calm or calm down and find my center.  Sometimes I might need to get away. Step outside or visit the restroom. Some place to have a moment of peace or silence to gather myself. Whatever it takes. Sometimes people are celebrating a bit too much with the alcoholic beverages. Perhaps a difficult conversation comes up. Yeah I could get uncomfortable, try to change the subject, engage as long as I can and also remember to relax, breathe and enjoy myself. I try to remember the reason I am with family is to enjoy and celebrate the gift of life with all it’s ups and downs. It’s to make merry and enjoy one another’s company. To share love, peace and harmony with each one I come into contact with. Meditation really helps and it doesn’t take long to do. Just close your eyes, and take some deep breaths. Another phrase to say, “All is well.”


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