I like to inspire others to take actively participate in their own healing.

Love Yourself!

Someone recently reminded me that many people believe loving yourself is selfish.   This is absolutely not true!  It is perfectly normal to have compassion upon yourself, to take care of yourself first before you can serve someone else.  It is not intended to ignore the needs of others.  It is merely understanding that in order to help others, you must love yourself first.

I was taught to put others first, to self sacrifice, and basically ignore my own needs.  Living like that, I was very ill.  I could barely help myself.  I could not function and felt guilty for having any needs.  I felt guilty and bad for being sick.  I could hardly stand to ask for help because I felt so unworthy and guilty; therefore, I didn’t receive the help with a positive attitude nor gratitude, which greatly hindered my healing progress.   The greatest barrier to my mental wellness was the lack of love for myself.

In loving yourself, it’s okay to say no when you’re tired and just can’t give anymore.  It’s okay to take a break and put your feet up or go sleep.  It’s okay to eat when you’re hungry.     It’s okay to make choices that are good for your soul.   It’s even okay to pamper yourself!    Let no one judge how you love and take care of your mind, body, and soul.  Be true to you.  Love yourself!

Love is free and unconditional.   When you love yourself, you show others how treat you, and to love themselves, as well.  We are able to heal our emotions, body, and soul just by loving ourselves.  Loving ourselves, first, actually fosters better communication, unity, and service to others.  It brings in more love to share with others.   It brings peace and harmony to the community when we are coming from a place of love and compassion from our own hearts, which, naturally expands to those around us, and the world.   There is no guilt nor shame in loving yourself, only freedom.     Love drives out fear which makes us more accepting and giving to ourselves and others.     Love yourself!


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