I spent many years working on myself in therapy, and now that I’m done with it, every now and then I find myself dealing with an old issue but in a new way.  I do meditate and it’s in this quietness, a memory might come up of someone I need to let go, forgive or even forgive myself for the issue.   Anyone who has ever had some type of physical, sexual or mental trauma knows that your  body remembers.  There will be vague aches and pains in your body with a memory or emotion attached.  I’ve found the best way to release these things is as I’m showering.

I love to use water to cleanse my mind, body and soul in this releasing process.  I make a statement like, “I forgive you and release you of……with grace and ease.”  I let it go.   I then make an affirmation of, “I am forgiven”, or “I am loved”, or “I let you go, (the person’s name) with love and peace”.    Recently, after doing this with some major issues, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me.  I got out of the shower feeling more clean than ever!  Then, the next night, I had some other issues come up.  I’ve noticed that as you release things and you feel clean or good on the inside, it’s easy to notice where there are other areas that need to be dealt with.   I didn’t get to shower, but I did meditate and did the same releasing with energy healing.  When I was finished, I felt all sparkly and clean on the inside.  I felt better than I ever!  And you know what else?   I never knew I could feel this good!

The most important thing, I want to say about all of this, is that when an issue comes up in your life either from your own memory, or someone brings it up, it’s an opportunity to heal it and release it.  Memories will come and sometimes people will remind you of something to make you feel bad or guilty.  It’s okay.  It’s just an invitation from God, the Universe, Life or your Soul to heal this issue, relationship or let it go.  Go ahead and cry, feel whatever you’ve been holding inside, and then let it go!

Do your body and mind a favor by loving on it and releasing all of that old stuff.  New issues come up and then it gets all backed up and strains your body because of carrying or holding on to things that you could have let go!  Remember how good it feels to take a bath or a shower?  Use that time to ask yourself:  What am I holding on to?  What am I ready to release?  Then release it and see how good you will feel.   This is part of loving yourself, healing yourself, and setting yourself free.    And if you’re really stuck, I recommend you find someone to work with you.    A counselor, couch, friend, or energy healer.  Lay your burdens now.   Release them.  You’re meant to be free!  I never knew I could feel this good….






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