Happy halloween! When I was a kid, I recall being very afraid of people wearing masks. Okay I was actually afraid of people with or without a mask. We didn’t celebrate halloween when I was little but I remember at some point someone bought me a Casper mask and we went trick or treating. I loved Casper the friendly ghost. He was so misunderstood. He was a harmless ghost, but when people saw him, they screamed, and ran away in fear!

However, when we wear masks, it can seem easy to take on the persona of the mask. If you are wearing a bear mask, you can easily growl and gruff at people seriously because without the mask, you’d probably laugh, and no one would be afraid because they’d see the real you! Who am I really? Underneath the masks I wear, who am I? Am I the quiet shy type or am I loud and obnoxious? Don’t judge, those are normal associations even though they are not totally accurate! Haha.

Once we take off our masks, and discover who we truly are, it can be very liberating. Some might not like the real you, and you’ll feel tempted to put the mask back on, pretending to be someone you are not. Or they’ll simply move on. Either way, it’s still very freeing. Who ever you choose to dress up as today, remember, you can put on that persona any time you want to with or without the mask and costume! It’s fun to do for a night. Tomorrow, I’m just going to be me. I love me, I like me, and I am awesome!  Be yourself, you are amazing!


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