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Happy Endings, New Beginnings!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

It’s the last day of the freedom plan blog challenge and now time to reflect.   As I type this, I’m listening to one of my favorite inspirational classical songs, called Canon In D by Johann Pachelbel.  I started listening to it after downloading an album of 50 classical songs for babies when my first granddaughter was born.  I noticed I kept going back to it and wanted to find other versions of it;  like there are some arrangements with the violin, piano, harpsichord, etc.  In my search for other versions, I noticed the song is most often played at wedding ceremonies.    Wow, I am always learning something new!  Being an introspective junkie, I wondered why I liked it so much.  For me, it sounds fresh.  It’s invigorating.  It’s hopeful, delightful, it makes me smile and cry at once.

As we come to the close of the blog challenge, I find myself feeling invigorated, alive, hopeful, delighted, smiling and crying at once.   It was quite the trip as I stretched myself way out of my comfort zone to write a different type of blog post.  I really had to work hard to think about my posts because for me, since my blog is about “Enlightenment and Aha Moments”, the challenge was the aha!.  Looking at my vision, plans, and why I do what I do all created aha moments for me.  It was a bit awkward, but I’m used to writing out my thought processes.  I just had to think about things a little bit differently.

My favorite blog post was the second one because it’s about freedom.  It’s what we all want and strive for in it’s many forms.  It’s the one that made me dig deep to get at the heart of why I write, blog, and share my stories.   It’s also the one that I would go back to when I thought I just couldn’t blog anymore!  Hehehe.   The times when I thought I had enough, that I couldn’t do it, yet I didn’t stop.   Yes, there was a lot of releasing of the old and in with the new.  It was a time of shedding fears to bring in the new me; the one that is emerging from her cocoon.  It is the end of hiding.   It’s a fresh beginning of a new way to live in freedom.   I really am free to be me!  I can only do me like no other!   It’s my time to shine.

I’m taking away from it that confidence and strength to keep going  and expanding , and to not sit idly on my dreams.  I also realized, I’m closer to getting to where I want to be than I thought.  I thought my dream was way off in the distant future, but now I know I can take action steps, gain information, attend some classes to get me there.   I’m going to keep on taking steps to my personal freedom, and take as many people with me as possible!   I’m opening the door, stepping outside to a new adventure or chapter in my life.   Thank you Natalie for this wonderful opportunity.


Working Vacation Adventure

Last year, my husband and I went on a phenomenal two month long road trip vacation across the US  for a total of 8,000+ miles!   It was fun and interesting.  We went from Arizona to New Orleans and drove up the Mississippi River historic route all the way to Lake Itasca, Minnesota where the mighty river begins.  He would work for part of the day at he hotel, local library, restaurant or in the car.  Then we would go sightseeing, rest, or travel.

The best part is we planned, before we left home, all the special places we wanted to visit and it was quite the adventure.  If we went to a town where we didn’t have plans, we checked online to see what was happening in the town like an outdoor concert, or special community event   We did have to reroute somewhere in Illinois to get off the path of a tornado.  There were also detours traveling along the Mississippi River due to water on the road.

We stayed in lots of hotels and also rented a room on AirBnb if we were going to be in a town for a while.  On one occasion, we rented a loft for a week, that we found on AirBnb.  The room in the house and the loft were the nicest stays since it was more like home.    If I were to take an extended working vacation in Portugal or perhaps Spain, I would want those types of accommodations.  It’s a nice way to connect with the locals in new places.   We also made a point to avoid chain restaurants to try something new or unique to the area.

There were some places in the northern part of the US where we didn’t have good cellphone service, GPS, nor internet.  It’s definitely something to consider if planning to go on a road trip or somewhere there might not be service.  Still, it was a wonderful trip.   I loved calling my daughter back home on skype to catch up with her and my grand-daughters.

Connections with others, nature and landmarks are important to me no matter where I am working.   Life is sweeter when it is spent with others, and maintaining a spirit of adventure, which brings openness and an awareness of the majestic beauty of our world.   It also inspires new ideas for creating the life we want to live and the legacy we will leave to the future generations.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

Tai Chi In The Park

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8


Before I learned of today’s blog challenge, I had already planned my adventure.  I started attending Tai Chi sessions about a year ago, and this was my fourth time.  It’s at a park about 30 miles from home, and I love it, but I just haven’t fully committed myself to the drive.  I leave early so that I don’t have to rush up there.   I mean, what’s the point if I speed through traffic to do an exercise that is slow and gentle?   Besides, I generally like to drive at a slower speed.  Every time I go, I say to myself, “I really wish I would do this more often!”  I really love the park.   I love being outside.  It’s the nicest experience of exercising slowly.  I love the people and the leader, too.

I know the first time I did it, I thought, “Oh my, I knew we were going to go slow but this is slow (in a good way)!”   The movements are slow and deliberate, easy form, gently moving your energy, and lots of breathing!   It has a surprising relaxing and peaceful effect on my mind and body.   It feels soothing to  the soul.   It makes me smile and shine from the inside out.     The entire experience served as great reminders to:   Relax, take it easy, make deliberate choices, spend time with people who brighten your day, love your yourself, and just breathe.