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Peace, love, and light!


Today I’m celebrating the two year anniversary of publishing my book Dear Sophia, Love Yourself! I am going to do something celebratory even though I have no idea what right now! Lol. I am somewhat of a dreamer. The idea in my head of what I’m going to do to celebrate and reality is very different! I see myself dressed up, surrounded by friends and family, at a nice restaurant drinking champagne or sparkling cider for me since I’m
a light weight. I see us sitting around in comfortable chairs talking about the favorite story from my book. I can dream right?

Dreams are what this life is made of! Lots of things start out as a little dream. When it’s acted upon, it becomes a creation and reality. Everything I see around me started off as someone’s idea or dream. It’s interesting how it works out. I have received numerous messages of how my book inspired someone or gave them the idea to write their own stories. The messages always warm my heart.

I’m still writing, blogging, and slowly working on my second book. The heart of my book is the 2nd to last chapter called “Therapy Love.” I write about how my therapist was the biggest factor in my healing and changing my mindset. She gave me a rose quartz bracelet which was very special to me. I started buying rocks, stones or crystals as a result. I fell in love with all the colors, the uniqueness of each one, their strength, and the fragility of crystals. They remind me to love myself and others, and to not compare. We
are all unique. All the crystals shine on their own right. So do stars. They just shine, in the darkness, whether we see them or not. This is the person I choose to be today. I choose to be love, I choose to be peace, I choose to be kind and compassionate on my own. I choose to shine my light in the darkness of our world. Thank you to all my friends, family, and fans for your kindness and support. Peace, love, and light.



Today’s blog challenge is to write about how I plan to work through or move beyond procrastination.  There are countless ways people waste their time and sabotage their success.  For me personally, writing is a big deal.  Words, language, and expression in its many forms is very important to me.  Yet, many times I neglect it.  I want to be clever, funny, and eloquent in my writing, and since I know it’s not perfect, I dawdle and take my time.  Writing is healing for me, and it’s also one of the ways I get my aha moments.   So when I don’t do it, I’m actually stalling my personal growth and inspiration.  I overthink, over analyze, over critique everything and pretty soon, I’ve got nothing!

When I think about all the time I  waste on not doing something, I know it’s just a waste of time.  I know it’s going to come together.  There will be some perfecting, editing, and tweaking to do.  I may as well get started, right?   I love to be around little children, and watch them learn and play.  They don’t start off running around getting into everything.  They cry, squirm, scoot, crawl, stand, lots of falling, little steps, fall, get back up, and soon enough they’re running!  Most of their growing years and learning to solve problems is through play.  Sure, they might get frustrated, and sad, but they keep trying until they get it right.   They get some coaxing, comforting and praise or feedback from their caregivers.   They laugh with glee when they get it right, too!   I think it’s a very good model to follow.

Your initial work won’t be perfect.  It will have errors.  You will look back later and wonder stuff like:   What was I thinking?  Why did I think that was a good idea?  Why did I write that bull crap?  It doesn’t even make sense!  When I find myself doing this, I just laugh, hug myself, dust myself or keyboard off, and get back up.   It’s going to be okay.

In order to perfect my craft, I let go of the idea of perfection.   When, I started this blog challenge, I hadn’t written anything in a long time except for a little bit of writing here and there for my next book. This is helping me get back on track.   I’m going to keep up the momentum!  I’m so proud of myself.  This is my 7th blog post in a row!  Oh, in case  I forget to do it later, thank you!    Remember to be grateful and celebrate your successes, it helps to keep the momentum going!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

Free To Be Me

Today our nation collectively and privately remembers and grieves the devastation of the 9/11 terrorist attacks fifteen years ago.  The theme for today’s blog challenge is freedom, what it means to me and why I do what I do.  I wrote my blog post early this morning and I took a break.  While I was taking a break, I thought some more about my blog post.  I thought of the words I used and the parts I had intentionally left out.   I realized since I censored some things, I hadn’t fully communicated what freedom means to me!  I had an “aha” moment.

This blog is one of the many outcomes of healing from mental illness.  However, I know that if I was still depressed, taking psychotropic medication, suffering with flashbacks from post traumatic stress disorder, and all the other problems I had at the time, I would not be writing any of this!  Because somewhere in our world and society we’ve decided not to talk about shameful or painful things.  We’ve decided it was not okay to hear about our wounds.  We’ve decided we should only talk about positive things.

There is a stigma especially for people who suffer with mental illness.   I understand there is a time and a place for these things, yet many times I cried in the darkness of my soul, all alone, because many people just didn’t want to hear about it.  For instance, at a ladies meeting at church, we broke into small circles for more intimacy.  When everyone was invited to share what’s new in our world, I said I was struggling with side effects of my medication for depression.  The facilitator replied, “let’s talk about something more positive.”  This was not an isolated incident.  It happened over and over again in various situations.  Or, sometimes people would say since the hurt happened a long time ago, I should just get over it.

When I think about freedom, it is to live without fear of tyranny, terrorism and oppression.  It’s also not living in fear of rejection and having to censor yourself, filter your words to make others more comfortable.  I do believe in the adage, “speak the truth in love”; to write and talk with compassion and consideration for others.   I eventually came to accept my truth and not hide in shame or embarrassment of it. This is how we grow and learn to accept, love, and honor ourselves which leads to healing.    It is listening with an open heart, and giving space to someone who might not have all their stuff together.  It is being authentic and honest.  I realize some people can’t handle the truth, and they live in fear of others finding out.  Fear is a cage we lock ourselves in real tight with the illusion of keeping our secrets safe.

It is perfectly normal and okay to grieve as long as it takes.  It’s okay be a work in progress.  There’s no rule of how long it takes.  It’s okay to be in therapy, have a psychiatrist and take medication.  Do what it takes for you, precious ones!!  Don’t let anyone make you feel less than or inferior because you have different problems or deal with life in your own way.   Life is beautiful and we are meant to be free to express ourselves in our own fashion.

Freedom is sharing from the heart what is most important to me.  It is having compassion for myself and others because I’ve been there.  It is living free without fear of what others are going to say or do.  It is living comfortably in my own skin, with my own personality quirks, and accepting all of it.  It is being my own unique self and not in competition with anyone else.  I can only do me, and choose to be my best self each day.  It is being free to shine my light, a la Sophia style!

“This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2 [insert URL for this blog post, which ishttp://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/10DBC-Day-2]”